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4 years ago
Remmus Sun Lounger Tracks The Sun & Summons Your Waiter

You're staying on a private island,  renting a $20 million villa,  including superyacht, you're highly unlikely going to want to drop into Home Depot and acquire some plastic chairs for the deck.   Enter The Remmus the first true luxury lounger in the world.    

Truly!  For US$45,000 you will be in the lap of luxury,  a sun chair that's suitable for any presidential palace, villa or yacht owner.     The Remmus is all about high-tech luxury,  and the lifestyle that you're accustomed to.  

The Remmus is the product of Finish designer Tapio Anttila and the appropriate use case for the Remmus is on "yachts, villas and high-end holiday resorts " as it offers an  "incomparable sunbathing experience,"  making  traditional sun chairs look, well, somewhat like dinosaurs and definitely out of place at a luxury villa.    

So what do you get with the Remmus to justify the price?

The Remmus tracks the sun!   No more getting up and having to turn your chair.    The Remmus will keep you in the sun's rays at all times.  

As Tapio says, "

"The story of Remmus began in Finland nine years ago, when young Henrik Hirvensalo was enjoying a sunny day with his wife on a natural beach by the beautiful lakeside. Henrik had been lying on his towel for a while, when the constant movement among his fellow sunbathers captured his attention.

All around him he saw people moving their loungers, towels and other belongings as they were trying to find the perfect spot in the sun. To Henrik this appeared somewhat restless. Weren’t these people actually supposed to be able to relax and enjoy the best moments of the short Finnish summer?"

Now when you start feeling a little too hot,  

Integrated water sprayers cool down
the air with a pleasant mist

When the sun starts going down,   you'll likely want to enjoy the peace of the evening, and the Remmus will turn on  ambient LED lights to keep comfie.    What would a high-tech chair be if it didn't have a sound system?  Well, not too high-tech.   The Remmus arrives with an adjustable powered back rest and a Bluetooth sound system including marine-grade speakers so that you can play your fav tunes while relaxing and enjoying your favorite eats. 

In case you're sharing your own private paradise with other people, you can stash your valuables in a waterproof safe locker. A cooler box keeps your sodas cold. Naturally, there's a wireless charging station to juice your smartphone. The handiest feature of all is probably the built-in service button designed to call a waiter over to refresh your cocktail. The whole contraption weighs nearly 200 pounds, but you can hire someone to move it around for you if you wish.

The Remmus clearly isn't for most homes.  It definitely isn't average and most likely to appeal to owner's of the world's most luxurious villas, and hotels.   These are the villas you'll find on Presidential Retreats and their owners who provide guests with extaordinary amenties regardless of price and in fact enjoy paying for the additional amenities such as hand-polished metal parts,  genuine wood exterior and advanced, German-made padding designed to repel water.  

Next time you visit a Presidential Retreat,  you may want to inquire whether the pool or beach area has a Remmus or two.  Make sure to take photos as the chair adjust to face the sun.

  1. pokerchix 

    Wow $45,000? No, I won't find that at Home Depot but at least I know what I am looking at when I am watching the Millionaire show! This is so nice and I wonder if they will come out with a cheaper version LOL.

    • 10/19/14
      1. tonyberkman 

        The less expensive version perhaps could simply rotate. :-)

        • 10/20/14
        • pokerchix 

          I wonder if they would sell that one at Home Depot? What will be impressive though is when I am watching a show and this lounger shows up and I know it by name and the cost. You know my family will look at me and wonder where I have been lately hee,hee.

          • 10/20/14
          • tonyberkman 

            That would be impressive and imagine if they delivered it with the keys to your own private island :-) in the Seychelles!!!

            • 10/20/14